Why Grace

As a Christ-centered institution of higher learning, Grace is a special place that aims to integrate academic excellence with Biblical truths to produce Global Christian Leaders.

Grace Christian College stands above other higher education institutions in the following aspects:

  • Strong Faculty.
  • Strong linkage with multinational companies.
  • Strong Partnership with international institution of higher education.
  • Strong interactive education.
  • Strong integration of academic excellence with Biblical truths.
  • Strong Center for Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC).

We invite you to explore the many reasons to work for Grace:

  1. Support our Grace ministries.

    We are committed to educating global leaders who make a difference. We offer basic education to tertiary level. Our college department specialized in the fields of business, accounting, education, psychology, information technology.

  2. Meet amazing and talented people.

    Grace is filled with passionate, energetic, and talented people who are driven to grow. You have the opportunity to work with our highly-qualified faculty members that are passionate to succeed.

  3. Receive excellent rewards

    Competitive compensation with health care, allowances and other benefits at par with our prestigious college

  4. Advance your education.

    Here, we strongly encourage further studies. Take a course in our College Department or apply for scholarship program.

  5. Enjoy our beautiful campus.

    Our 3.5 hectare campus was designed by renowned Arch. Felipe M. Mendoza. Be in awe with our big field, lawns, gardens, playgrounds, Koi ponds, state of the art auditorium, air-conditioned and spacious classrooms, academic buildings equipped with solar panels.

    A 6-storey Sports Complex will be the next project for this year designed by Palafox Associates

Career @ GCC

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