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Facing Life Trials with Faith "SPIRITUAL"

Author: Paulina Christine Salvador
June 10, 2024 / Spiritual / English High School

Life is a rollercoaster, consisting of many highs and many lows, and occasionally a lot of twists and turns. Life is unpredictable; we never know when something good will happen or when a problem will surface. It will just simply happen, and we will need to face it. We praise and thank God whenever something good happens to us, and it motivates us to believe and trust in His will. But why do we… read more

Television Culture is Dying (or is it just evolving?) "EDITORIAL "

Author: Alyssa Huang
May 20, 2024 / Editorial / English High School

Television culture refers to the customs and behaviors associated with traditional television, incorporating the way individuals engage in habits, follow shows, and engage in practices specific to the television medium. It pertains to the manner in which people both consume and create television content. The official earliest animation shown on television was called “Felix the Cat.” Since then,… read more

Victory by Grace "SPORTS"

Author: Gabrielle Evey Que
May 20, 2024 / Features / English High School

A lot of you have seen the tall and talented basketball players on television, or even in real life, dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball into the ring so effortlessly. Maybe at some point, you wondered how to be like those players. But never worry, the GCC Basketball Varsity got you!

The GCC Basketball Varsity is where students hone their athletic talents. The varsity is divided into… read more

May 13, 2024 / Features / English High School

Amidst all the lessons, homeworks, projects, and deadlines, the senior high school students found the opportunity to unwind and bond with their batchmates during the 34th Mt. Hermon Seniors’ Retreat, held in Word of Life, Calauan, Laguna, where the students were able to grow spiritually, learn many things, have fellowship with the teachers and fellow students, and create lasting memories.

Before… read more

The Big Lion and the Small Cat "LITERARY"

Author: Gabrielle Evey Que
April 14, 2024 / Literary / English High School

In a forest full of green trees, a lion ruled. The lion was a popular kind in the jungle. He was feisty and mighty. Anyone who approached him cower in fear. He wasn’t as approachable as the cat. The cat wasn’t as approachable as the lion, but many came to the cat for help in different problems. He helped the shy mouse overcome his fear of socializing with other animals. When the mouse insisted… read more

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