GCC Celebrates College Achievers

  • June 2020

In its short history of providing Higher Education, Grace Christian College has been blessed with graduates who have made a name in their respective fields, whether in the corporate world or in business. Some graduates have pursued graduate studies while others have started making a mark even abroad.

GCC graduates from its College programs have likewise done well in local licensure examinations. In the photo collage at the top row from left to bottom row right are Certified Public Accountants – Amando Jed C. Apacible (2015), Rica Coleen U. Chua (2015), Lu Angelica S. Ong (2016) and Ann Danica L. Tan (2017); Licensed Psychometricians – Joyce Angelica C. Aganda (2017), Belinda Ester D. Tan (2015), and John Norman D. Tan (2017); and Licensed Teachers – Maryamore C. Ang (2016), Meg Danielle M. Chua (2017), Katherine Diane T. dela Cruz (2014), Eunice Veronica K. Fernandez (2014), Joana Kristina S. Tan (2014), and Amy Alethia A. Tupe (2015).

Ms. Amy Alethia A. Tupe gave special honors to GCC by ranking 7th in the March 2015 Licensure Examinations for Teachers. She graduated from GCC with a degree of B Elementary Education with a major in Special Education. Read from this website PUT GOD FIRST: A Story of Making it to the Top.

It is with much prayers that each graduating batch of College students from GCC are sent out: to bring honor to God, to serve the community, and to be successful in their individual endeavor.


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